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America, the fall of 1896. President McKinley has just been sworn in and only forty-five stars adorn the old glory. The old west is now long in the tooth, but still full of vim and vigor. People of all stripes seek riches to call their own, be they ill-gotten or otherwise.


Five years ago, a cynical businesswoman invented the first mass-marketed spirit board. It advertised to a richly superstitious and grieving population that they could, at last, “speak with the dead.” To the inventor’s surprise, it worked, and everything changed.


Since this revelation, new industries and ideologies concerning the dead have risen with meteoric ascent. Victorian mysticism is the new religion, and everyone wants a slice of the fly-blown pie. Shadowed sects of necromancy and clandestine businesses alike have slunk into the light to claim their carrion mouthfuls, and more than a few see vile heresies in this new way of life.


The dead are given new, tragic purpose. Human souls are bartered and traded for immeasurable profit. Your earthly vessel is no longer strictly yours to inhabit, nor your soul only yours to possess.


Here lies a new gold rush of souls, the Post-Mortem Age

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What Is DeadHand

DeadHand is a fast-paced, card-based, high-lethality role-playing game set in a macabre and dystopian Old West. It draws heavily from themes of horror, mysticism, and absurdism. It strives to create a unique and engaging world that you will experience through the eyes of many different characters.


DeadHand is a balance between crunchy, deep gameplay and abstract concepts and storytelling. DeadHand is not a game for those wishing to participate in hero fantasies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but characters in DeadHand are flawed, fragile humans with needs and ambitions. Preparedness is key, and survival is not guaranteed.

How Deadhand works

DeadHand uses a standard, 54-card deck (including jokers) of playing cards. Over the course of character creation and the rest of the game this deck will undergo many alterations and modifications.

We recommend using a new deck or an old deck that you are comfortable committing to this one character and not your favorite, Tuesday-night poker deck. You will deface cards, you will tear corners, and, should the worst ever happen to your character, you might even be compelled to take your deck out behind the woodshed and put one between its eyes.

In cases where an outcome is uncertain,
Deadhand uses the fates hidden in your characters’ decks of cards to decide the outcome.

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